Day Two

Day Two

We started today at the market, which our group was super excited about – time for some bartering! Everyone had a great time and we had an array of purchases including sunnies, hats, headphones and shoes. We were proud of the kids as they bartered on their own, going back and forth with strangers – no mean feat for 11 year olds!

After the markets we made our way to a dumpling house which was delicious! We then headed over to the insect market which was a real eye opener for the kids. Millions of fish, turtles, kittens, mice and squirrels. You name it, they had it! This was a fantastic experience and something that will stick in their minds for a while to come!

With tired legs we made our way to The Bund – a big pedestrian area that runs along the river. This provides a million dollar few of the cityscape but mainly people just wanted photos with our kids!

After dinner we made our way back to The Bund with the entire group as we headed for our river cruise to see the buildings at night. It was a calm and balmy night, which made for a pleasant evening as we cruised up and down the river! It was incredible (see photos below).

Once we got back to the hotel, everyone was knackered! We covered about 25kms yesterday so hopefully everyone is okay to go for day three!








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