Day Three

Day Three

It was another stunning day here in Shanghai – our third in a row! We set out early to get to Yu Yuan Gardens – an oasis in this very busy and modern city.

Built 1000 years ago, it was designed as a retreat and place of reflection. There were many ponds with different coloured fish, beautiful big trees and lots of temples.

We went for lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant and the kids tried some foods they had eaten before, which was great to see!

After lunch we headed to the busy markets and the kids purchased more goods. With a ban on buying more fidget spinners, we managed to get bags, hats, headphones, lego and clothing.

Later in the afternoon we went across to People’s Park where most days there is what we are calling ‘Umbrella Tinder’. Where parents go to find their sons a wife. They sit with a bio attached to an umbrella and they effectively broker a marriage! Very funny to watch!
We moved through the park to the outdoor gym where lots of older people were exercising and lifting heavy stone weights – some 85-90 years old!

For dinner we intended to go to a great Thai place only to find it closed after a belter of a NYE party that it apparently never recovered from! Instead we walked to another restaurant where we took up an entire floor. The kids ate braised pork, Chinese pancakes, rice, noodles in broth and dumplings.

Early night with a big trip to Sozhou tomorrow but with some rain forecast – perfect travel day weather!









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