Day Four

Day Four

Today we experience our first rainy day – and boy did it bucket down! We jumped on a bus to Souzhou and met our tour guide Jenny – a bubbly Chinese woman with fantastic English!

The drive was very interesting as we moved through the outskirts of Shanghai and into the rural areas – funny thing was there isn’t really any rural areas as we know them. For the entire two hour trip, you were always in sight of huge apartment blocks! Very interesting!

After a fantastic lunch we went to the silk factory. We learnt how silkworms evolve to pupa and how they create the thread they eventually turn to silk. It was a worthwhile visit and it gave the chance for students to purchase some silk products at the end!

The real highlight of the day was checking into the new hotel. A mega hotel with a new standard of living. I’m not sure who was more impressed, the students or the teachers who were surprised with their own room! Happy days!

For dinner we were taken to a traditional restaurant in the Old Town. The kids have really pushed themselves to try new foods. Souzhou is known for its fish dishes and we tried some rippers, however the students didn’t rate the green tea that accompanied dinner – oh well!

An early night back at the hotel in preparation for our first school visit the next morning!






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