Day Five

Day Five

We were picked up and escorted to the school at 8:30am and were greeted by the Principal and her assistant plus some familiar faces from years past. It was all very friendly with lots of handshakes and photos.

Afterwards we were given a tour of the school which was built in 2009 and has a current enrolment of 936, the least of our school network in china!

They had organised a school assembly and we got up and tried a few Mandarin phrases before introducing ourselves in English.

After morning tea we tried our hand at calligraphy – the ancient art of ink penmanship. It was lots of fun!

We ate our lunch in the school cafeteria with some students who have been learning English.

This drew our first day at Hanlin Primay School to a close. After exchanging gifts we were driven back to our hotel.

In the afternoon, we toured Tiger Hill and its tremendous pargoda. We walked around the gardens and then headed to the ancient street market known as Shantang Road.

What a very busy day indeed!








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